Monday 19 March 2018
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 Welcome to the Swiss community of Greece  FR  /  DE
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Programme printemps-été 2018                    Programm Frühling-Sommer2018


    • Café Suisse - Café des "dames"
    • is on Mar. 14, 2018
    • *  at the Residence. * Mrs. *Véréna Hodel*, wife of our ambassador, is pleased to invite us, before they leaving Greece, to a coffee brunch at the Residence. She has prepared a musical surprise Please......Read More...
    • General Assembly
    • is on Apr. 12, 2018
    • *  At the Ambassador's residence* * * We remind you that the *general assembly*, held once a year in spring, is the* highest organ of our association* and an important element for the club. *To......Read More...
    • Excursion
    • is on May. 13, 2018
    • * ** Loutraki Port * A nice cruise in the Gulf of Corinth which lasts about 2 hours and a half....Read More...
    • Anticipated National Day
    • is on Jun. 23, 2018
    •   *At Résidence* As every year we will celebrate the national day at the Residence *Please refer to the official invitation*...Read More...